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Responsible engagement

As a stakeholder, it is our duty to take our actions in a sustainable and responsible framework, in the name of our employees, our customers, healthcare professionals and patients, our shareholders and the environment.

In view of environmental issues, our actions are guided by three main priorities: People, Water, Products.

  • People at the heart of value creation: because our employees are our most valuable asset, and because patients are at the heart of our activity.
  • Careful water management: because water is at the heart of our environmental concerns. Water is a raw material used in the composition of our products and a resource to be conserved.
  • We design our products to limit their impact on the environment: because we are committed to making eco-responsible products, from the design phase to end of life.

People at the heart of value creation

Because patients are at the heart of our concerns and we share the same values internally:

  • Initiative "Recognise and encourage people who are driving forces and show determination".
  • Integrity "Do what we say and say what we do "
  • Excellence " Aim for operational excellence "
  • Engagement "Commit to the satisfaction of our customers, our employees and our shareholders in a sustainable and responsible manner "

Water: a precious resource for our activity

Water is the primary resource in the manufacture of our injectable products, so it is vital that we conserve it.

Laboratoire Aguettant has deployed an industrial plan to save water.

The goal is to improve the performance of every site.

Efficacy is measured by tracking the ratio of water consumption to quantity of products made.

Sustainable and eco-responsible products

Aguettant is committed to incorporating eco-responsible  practice in the manufacture of our products, From the design phase to end of life.

Several factors are considered in the eco-design process:

  • reuse, recycle, waste less
  • consume less energy to produce
  • transport more efficiently