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Working for life

Since its very beginnings, Aguettant has always striven to meet the expectations of healthcare professionals, while bearing the patient in mind at all times too.

The group's ambitions have always remained intact through the different generations of Aguettants that have succeeded one another since 1880:

  • To meet the population's priority healthcare needs by supplying essential medicines
  • To cater for medical emergencies
  • To facilitate access to essential medicines
  • To innovate in order to improve care for patients and the practices of healthcare professionals
  • To support medical progress in low-prevalence diseases


Define by the WHO, essential medicines meet the healthcare needs of the majority of the population. They are accessible to the greatest number and are essential to saving lives. They are considered to work for the benefit of the general interest, and have proven their efficacy and innocuity.


The mission of our quality teams consists of guaranteeing efficacy and safety for patients, who are our end customers.

Laboratoire Aguettant controls the quality of its products throughout their life cycle, from the reception of the raw materials to sales, in keeping with the regulatory demands in the 60 countries where we are present.

The company has several renewable pharmaceutical authorisations for all its French sites in Lyon, Champagne and Saint-Fons:

  • the GMP certificate recognised by the European health agencies,
  • ISO13485 certification,
  • CE marking for products classified as medical devices

A quality policy in keeping with the regulations

The deployment of Laboratoire Aguettant’s quality policy is controlled and managed by the Quality Assurance department, in collaboration with all the players in the company.

The employees working in this department have three main missions:

  • to guarantee the compliance of the company’s quality systems, in accordance with changes in French, European and international regulations,
  • to liaise with the health authorities and customers on all questions of product quality (ANSM, GMED, etc.),
  • to guarantee the compliance of the end products that are sold all over the world.

Our quality management system is defined, implemented and maintained by the System Quality Assurance Manager, who reports directly to the Quality Manager - Responsible Pharmacist of Laboratoire Aguettant.

PHARMACOVIGILANCE :           controlling the safe use of medicines

Our pharmacovigilance team monitors the safety of our medicines and contributes to the prevention of the risk of adverse affects resulting from their use.

This department keeps records of any adverse affects reported by healthcare professionals and patients. It assesses the safety profile of the medicine on the basis of the collected data, takes any corrective measures that are necessary (precautions, contraindications, or even withdrawal of the product) and makes sure that healthcare professionals are informed of these measures.


Helping populations in need

In 2011, the laboratory joined TULIPE, the International Emergency and Solidarity by Healthcare Companies NGO.

This NGO provides emergency kits donated by its members to populations in distress due to severe sanitary crises, natural disasters and conflicts.

Our partnership with Alain Carpentier's foundation

« More than 10,000 children die each year in Vietnam of heart defects. We need your help ».

These were the first words which created the Foundation of the Heart Institute dedicated to children in Vietnam in 1988 under the leadership of Service of Health Ho Chi Minh City and the Foundation Alain Carpentier. Since that day over 20.000 children had life saving operations under the management of Centre Medical International Hospital in the Center of Ho Chi Minh City. These operations are funded by families of children, the operating profit of CMI outpatient clinic in D1 and generous donors.



Aguettant is very proud to join this group of generous donors and to announce a sponsorship agreement between Laboratoire Aguettant SAS and Foundation Alain Carpentier to support free surgeries of deprived children in Vietnam.

It is a challenge year on year to cope with the increasing demand of cardiac surgeries for children in need in Vietnam, so we are glad Laboratoire Aguettant SAS joins the circle of supporters of life-saving surgeries in Vietnam, says Mayte Pernas of CMI.

With this sponsorship we are giving back to families in need who cannot afford life saving surgeries for their beloved children, says Moritz Mueller, Country Manager of Aguettant Vietnam. At Aguettant we work with people for the community by providing Essential Medicines and education with exactly one objective – to save lifes. So we are very happy and proud of this committment of Laboratoire Aguettant SAS