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Better care through innovation

At Aguettant, innovation drives the improvement of the safety of medical practices, and the prevention of medication errors in particular.

    Preventing medication errors

    Laboratoire Aguettant is fully aware of the complexity of the process of providing care for patients, due to the diversity of the pathologies and their degree of urgency, which is the reason why we strive to develop innovative, ready-to-administer solutions that are designed to prevent medication errors.

    Aguettant’s commitment to making healthcare professionals’ jobs easier is based on the 5Bs rule defined by the French Health Authority*: “The right patient, the right medicine, the right dose, the right channel and the right time”.

    *Outils de sécurisation et d’auto-évaluation de l’administration des médicaments © Haute Autorité de Santé 2013 - N° ISBN : 978-2-11-138050-9

    Injectable medicines in pre-filled syringes are a solution that obeys the 5Bs rule:

    • The clear and precise labels follow international recommendations (colour code and key characters).
    • Several doses to meet the needs of patients, situations and healthcare professionals.
    • Injectable medicines in ready-to-administer syringes for greater safety.

    Innovating together

    The innovation process puts healthcare professionals and their patients at the heart of our approach. Our products are regularly discussed in round tables with experts from the different therapeutic fields covered by Aguettant.

    The goal is to develop innovative products that minimise risks for patients and healthcare professionals.

    Our goal:

    To work with healthcare professionals and international experts on improving the safety of medical practices.