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Building trust

Questions of ethics and compliance are an everyday concern for us. Our action is based on our four values: engagement, excellence, integrity and initiative.

Ethics and compliance in the community

Because the people at Aguettant hold a stake in the future and the success of the company, Aguettant feels that it is responsible for providing them with a working environment conducive to their development and for promoting a culture of integrity, respect and trust in the workplace.

Aguettant expects its employees and the stakeholders with whom we engage to work together in an open and respectful manner.

The diversity of our talents strengthens our creativity and contributes to our development. We encourage the diversity of opinions and cultures, and we promise to offer the same professional opportunities to all.

Ethics and compliance in business

The safety and quality of our products

Aguettant develops, produces and sells quality products that meet all the regulatory requirements in terms of quality, efficacy and patient safety.

Aguettant protects the safety of patients by identifying, assessing, controlling and reporting any potential risks incurred by a product, and by providing relevant and objective information that is accessible to all, in an approach to ensure that its products are used properly.

Supply chain

Aguettant applies a structured, equitable and ethical process on a worldwide scale in order to select and assess its suppliers and to establish a mutually beneficial relationship.

Our suppliers are selected according to objective criteria, such as quality, reliability, competitive prices and ethical behaviour.

Aguettant respects the human rights of its employees, of the communities in which the Group operates, and of its business partners (in particular, all forms of child labour and slavery are forbidden).

Anti-corruption and influence peddling

The Aguettant Group bans all forms of corruption. Its employees, and all those who act in Aguettant’s name, are forbidden from offering or granting unjustified benefits to all representatives of the public authorities or private entities, and from soliciting, accepting or receiving unjustified benefits from the public authorities or private entities, with a view to obtaining, through the possible misuse of influence, the conclusion or the non-conclusion of any act. Aguettant invites its employees and partners to remain particularly vigilant with regard to the risk of corruption or influence peddling.

Interactions with health care professionals

Aguettant takes part in actions to raise awareness of certain diseases and the corresponding care together with players from the health sector (healthcare professionals, learned societies, patient associations, etc.).

Our relations with healthcare professionals must meet the highest standards of integrity and obey all applicable laws and regulations.

To this end, Aguettant commits to:

  • guaranteeing the global compliance of its interactions with healthcare professionals,      
  • ensuring that all promotional information is accurate, objective and complete,      
  • obeying all the laws in force in Europe and worldwide that apply to invitations to conferences, congresses or scientific events, and to the divulgation of interests with patient associations and healthcare professionals,
  • strictly obeying the rules applying to the supply of samples of pharmaceutical specialties,
  • updating all the information provided to patients, healthcare professionals and the authorities on the quality, efficacy and safety of a product, the contraindications, precautions and possible adverse effects of our products.
Declaration and transparency of interests

In accordance with the applicable laws in France, Aguettant declares any intentions to enter an agreement with a French healthcare professional to the competent order (Order of Practitioners, Order of Pharmacists, etc.), as well as any planned events in which hospitality expenses will be paid by Aguettant.

In keeping with the legislation, we answer all requests for transparency and declare any interests that exist between Aguettant and healthcare professionals.

No gifts

Aguettant forbids the giving of gifts or the granting of favours to healthcare professionals and to the associations representing them.

Only reasonable hospitality costs can be covered by Aguettant, in accordance with the applicable procedures.